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I always laugh when people speak of all these Christmas traditions...a great many of them have very pre Christian origins... so what ever your creed, have a peaceful one, starting tomorrow!One member has a registration problem, he is a Brit and long time resident in Germany, but cannot fly the German flag as he is not German.we have suggested he register the boat in the UK and fly the red Duster.Jim has suggested Jersey and full registry, bit expensive, but different.. Well the family attended Earls Court yesterday, and though there were not as many electronics companies as I would have hoped, as I wished to compare echo-sounders and logs, I did find it a friendly atmosphere and there was more than enough to interest me.We came back laden with cheap bundles of rope, some discounted books, fleecies, info on inflatables for tenders, and good information from many friendly people.

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I ask you when did you last see a chandler offering 50% off for Christmas?

Seems also we are still being found by ex owners trying to track down their old boats. you will still need the CD of drawings to complete the vessel. I have had a whole batch of mails from someone about a boat advertised on our site, 'Foreign Affair.

Does anyone recall seeing and Eventide called Coralita in Poole recently, let us know if you know where she is, the son of the owner would love to know she is still OK. this is the first time a proper set of worked drawings has been available and could give this little design a real boost. We have had a couple more enrolment forms in, but one is known already, Paul and Lorraine from Melbourne with the Eventide 'Quirra' they have just launched after a long refit and are enjoying sailing in the Port Philip Bay area. I suspect there might be a language problem and he does not understand that it is not actually us selling it..

I lit my traditional 'Yule' fire the other night, it's a good excuse for getting rid of all the garden rubbish I cannot compost!

It allow me to practice and it safely disposes of old ones.

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