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Similarly, Turkle () points to society’s arrival at what she calls a ‘robotic moment’, marked by readiness to accept robots as relationship partners, as a consequence of social media, the Internet and communication devices.New intimacies with our machines create what she terms ‘tethered’ lives, lived by subjects wired into social existence through technology.

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This essay looks askance at how the topic is constructed in the public domain of the Internet, where complex interactions of rhetorical manoeuvres, narratives and postnarrativity, and semiotic slippages may guide sense-making apropos technological innovations.Disembodied automated response systems and internet search engines routinely configure day-to-day activities.Chatbots enter our social spaces if we let them in, and ‘smart’ devices (e.g. We encounter robots also vicariously through a confluence of sources ranging from movies, television dramas and documentaries, newspapers, blogs and commercial websites.The prospect of robots in childcare roles is exceptionally contentious, for it connotes interference with the child-caregiver attachment bond.The industry’s response to psychology-informed concerns is to ‘rebrand’ the product as a robot companion for a child or as a home robot for the family.

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