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Hand-held cameras were used for scenes set in the s, [7] an homage to the films of Sidney Lumet , Mike Nichols and Alan J.

Clooney commented that post-production for Confessions was stressful because he was simultaneously acting in Solaris To tie in with the release of the film, Miramax Books republished Barris's book. Mick La Salle from the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that "there may be more entertaining and less problematic movies, but Confessions of a Dangerous Mind has something about it that hangs in there, working on the mind like a dog gnawing on a table leg.

I generally don't see too many films at festivals so I wasn't sure what to expect. The performances were all very good and some parts of the movie were hilarious.

The crowd was really into the movie and it was very lively.

The Island of Lost Dreams so Rockwell could be cast.

Under Clooney's direction, filming was initially set to begin in September , but principal photography did not start until January 14, Filming for Confessions ended in late April Clooney and cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel used various techniques when portraying the different decades of Barris's life.

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You've just tried to select this program as one of your favorites.The DVD includes over 20 minutes of deleted scenes , Rockwell's three screen tests , a short documentary titled The Real Chuck Barris , Clooney's audio commentary , and a making-of featurette. The movie makes a case for itself through sheer oddness and perversity.I'm not sure Confessions is a good movie, but I am sure I like it. I once applied for the CIA, and while I was going through the process I got a job and went on television.I've moved on and I don't have any animosity towards Clooney, but it's a movie I don't really relate to.Clooney was adamant that Barris become heavily involved during production in an attempt to portray the film from his point of view.

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