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I feel bad, I must have quit quite a few times."His response? You quit eight times."Now, this may seem like obvious information to most people; after all, it's well-documented that Abdul had her ups and downs with fellow judge Simon Cowell.

But can you imagine if she had actually quit the show before it ever aired in the summer of 2002?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the former "Idol" judge recounted a story from a couple years back when a sound engineer from her first day on the job with Cowell and Jackson reminded her of how tough it really was.

SEE ALSO: 12 celebrities you didn't realize are absurdly rich When she ran into him, she said, "Oh wow.

She joked to presenter Ann Curry that she and her former American Idol arch nemesis are ‘like an old married couple without the sex.’ Abdul was asked what made her sign-up to the new series and reunite with Cowell two years after she quit American Idol as a judge. Although the show will follow the same format as the U. series, there is an extra incentive of million prize money alongside a recording contract.

She replied: ‘Maybe because I’m a glutton for punishment? The minimum age for hopefuls has also been dropped to 14.

When you think of "American Idol," who comes to mind?

There have been disagreements, which Cowell said has been fun."Julianne said to me after two weeks, on the first day she thought she'd made, seriously, the worst decision of her life. "As someone who's heard ‘no' millions of times, you don't want to be the person to tell someone no," Union said.

I was nervous at the beginning, because I really liked working with [Heidi Klum and Mel B], but the first day they were on set, I felt fine about it."Cowell said Union and Hough had clearly seen the show and knew how to handle themselves. ' because she didn't understand, kind of, the British sense of humor and then she quickly got it. What she says really makes me laugh because it makes no sense at all, but then she does argue back which means that we're comfortable," Cowell said. News' Will Marfuggi that it's hard to say no to contestants.

The pair once worked together as judges on American Idol but Cowell has since recruited Abdul to his new US series of the X Factor which premieres tonight in the States.

Abdul opened up about their relationship on the Today show in New York yesterday morning where she was promoting the new series.

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