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His last visit, he was welcomed to 12-15 medium and large hogs in the backyard.The cows will be moved when we arrive, so no issues on that.

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People that live in rural areas surrounding the bay area are mostly against any form of hunting or killing wildlife. And from what I've read, the hog numbers there just keep growing.

Maybe spread some more dry koolaid out around you hunting area.

After contacting state legislators, go the next step and contact the bills' author, Frank Bigelow, and tell him you are opposed to this bill. They love wildlife visiting their properties so there will be safe havens for them here and there. Always thought it was kinda strange the way Cali treated feral hogs as "game animals" when they wiped out goats and deer from some of the channel islands for being "non-native" I think it's a good thing.

If so, are their any restrictions to this, ie; can we take the meat or transport?

Can we actively stalk/tree stand them, or is it only when the situation presents itself?

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