Deelishus dating

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Wait, wait, wait, I thought Deelishis was already married? Look at Fronsworth Bentley Love his style he is one of the most well groomed stylish men in Hollywood and he is not label as a GAY MAN. And do women like you hate on white women for dating black men? so get off his back his is a successful, handsome, black man good for her for atleast getting one of the very few BLACK, SUCCESSFUL men left off here!!!! HER FIANCE IS A SUCCESSFUL CLUB OWNER HERE IN DETROIT. HE HAS AN HONEST LIVING AND I WISH THEM MUCH HAPPINESS.. Laurie Ann and Deelishis have one thing in common, they both love men sweeter than candy! Mine looks like that and i would not wear that dress. [/quote] Yeah..Jenny Craig now before she busts at the seam. I am so glad to see that they have a happiness famliy! Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Kill A Man By Fire Who Stood Her Up » #Disneyland Fight Brawlers Catch Assault & Battery Charges, Facing Jail Time» WHOA!

DAYUM, LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE.[/quote] hmmm, are u mad cause your name is diamare? deelishis needs to pull those 17 inches of weave out those poor babies head. @ red red 1 No I don't hate on black men that date white women. I think the reason he looks so suspect is because in the first pic, the way he "clutches" his knee looks sooo feminine.

One who is a “handful of Michael B Jordan” and a “sprinkle of Dave East.”The IG account @thehushnews mentioned Dave East’s baby’s mom in the comment section, writing, “She wants your babydaddy so bad”.

To which, the woman replied, “Now every b[expletive]h wanna shoot they shot with the Nicki verse.

She revealed exactly what kind of man she was looking for, over on Instagram.

Apparently, the former reality star is pining for “a [man] to give some babies”.

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