Debate about online dating

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In my personal view I think disadvantages overtake the pros of online dating.

But let us start with advantages: I guess it's easier for people who have a busy schedule to find a significant other via this medium. They may be too tired to join parties or get-together because of a hectic lifestyle and therefore the dating websites might be a good solution for them to check out.

On the other hand however, speaking for the people who do have time on their hands and are younger(?

- just assuming), it is perhaps better to start a relationship based on friendship for example.

You see them interacting with other people, you may even meet their friends and thus create a better picture of this person.

I am not necessarily saying I don't approve of dating sites, yet at my age I personally don't find it appealing.

It seems contradictory, but I'm still living in the times where I feel like going to a bar and meeting someone has a charm that online dating doesn't.Online dating has become a common way to meet both romantic and sexual partners for many (Heino, Ellison, & Gibbs, 2010).There are now more ways than ever to initiate and maintain relationships over the internet, and online dating websites form a large part of these.For our generation there are of course much more possibilities that make it unnecessary to 'resort to' online dating.However, what do you think of apps like Tinder, which is VERY popular among our age group?

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