David cook dating kimberly

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I see many of you make up names here to repeat yourselves, trust me it has had an effect on his sales, and the buzz of him winning the show.

You should hear some of the morning DJ’s, they think it’s laughable that he is dating a season 2 D List contestant.

He is, after all, a healthy normal (I assume) red blooded American male in his twenties, there should be dating and dallying in the valley. I think he is grungy looking, is a dork, and is fat and on his way to going bald.

Here’s a Sockpuppet posting at Just Jared trashing Caldwell yet again. Do you really think this chick wills stick around, hell no.

The “Deciphering Dave’s Personality” thread is filled with the crazy too.

On a side note: It’s ironic that she’s named her board “Uncensored” because the only really uncensored thing there are discussions of his dick and trashing of anyone he’s been seening even looking sideways at that possesses a vagina.

At some point after the end of “Idol” Cook and Caldwell became an item and Mary Ann/Holly did many of the same things she’d done on other boards and her own.

She loved to call Kimberly “Skankwell” – That’s the name on the threads devoted to trashing Kimberly in the Sooper Secrud Girlfriends section of David Cook Uncensored.

Kim’s friends have spoken out on various boards that the Sockpuppets and fake stories really put a hurting on Kim Johnson. But we do know that when things get slow in David Cook Fan Land then the Sockpuppets invent some type of controversy and whip the fans into a lathered frenzy over a pack of lies.She was a certified wacko, and she used her own sockpuppets when she responded to negative statements in the comments sections of Page 6 and the Star (before the comments were taken down on the Star site, when Smartie et al got Mary Ann Ellis involved by blaming her for the leak of pictures/information.MAE then went to the Star to have the comment section removed.) Kim Johnston has a long history of mental illness in her family, and she temporarily put her fantasies about David into a public spectacle.Dedicated to helping expose the stupidity, bad behavior and lunacy of the craziest stalkers of various American Idol contestants like David Cook or Adam Lambert or whoever.Obsessing over a stranger you see on TV is just retarded as hell.

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