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Hi, I am Anu Saikrishna living in Sweden for 2 years now and a happy SAHM but keeping myself busy studying the local language, Swedish, I got a certification done too, and online courses related to my work field.

Prior to this, I was working as a Corporate Communications professional for close to 10 years in Chennai, India and moved to Sweden to support hubby’s career path.

But the ones I would recommend all moms to visit with their kids is the Canal tour, Copenhagen Zoo, they have a huge space and Sana has been to this place twice and is a pro at recognising all animals and birds, National Aquarium, Den Blå Planet, considered Northern Europe’s biggest aquarium, very well constructed with a rainforest setup and the Tivoli amusement park, best time to visit this place is during Christmas and New Years, it’s like a fairy tale and with the winter wonderland set up, you could have a perfect family time.

All this can be very well spread out and visited in 3 days and followed by some unwinding to yummy ice creams and coffee at Nyhavn.

I am also a certified western dancer, I used to teach Jazz, Salsa, and Cardio dance. Besides, I love to network and meet people, travel and am a complete shopaholic, accessories first, clothes later sort of person.

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All this time it was owned by Oksana Dasevskaja of UAB Novabrand, it was hosted by UAB DKD and Telia Lietuva AB.But after Sana was born, we traveled extensively and so far she has been to 8 countries, including India.Her first flight travel was to Delhi, when she had just turned 1 and then we took her to a lot of places within India, post 2 is when we moved to Sweden and then on she has been to Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.This way, she also feels happy during travel and does take interest in our interests too. We took her exactly a year ago, we covered Paris extensively and finally headed to Disneyland and spent two days going on all the rides and attending the shows.It is easy for kids to get tired when they don’t have anything much to look for in a trip so by identifying a comfort zone for them eases the entire travel. Well, I would say even 2 days wasn’t enough to cover this beauty. Copenhagen, there is so much one can do in this country.

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