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The map seems to have been made later than the events in question, and although the eclipse was possibly not observed directly, it had been relatively easy to re-calculate and put on the map.Likewise, most of the planets are recorded without they could be seen in the sky due to their placements near to the sun.Data: Ove von Spaeth: "Dating the oldest Egyptian Star Map", Centaurus International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Vol.42;3, (July-August) 2000, pp.159-179, Blackwell / Munksgaard International Publishers, Copenhagen.

All this is being taken care of in the treatise and carefully emphasized in the text. 42 pp 159-179, publishing the paper of Ove von Spaeth, 'Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map' ...". this important and fascinating paper - many congratulations on the research is a major advance. I agree with your conclusions as to the general positions in the sky of the planets, the sun and the moon and the general dating of the configuration.

Updating Ancient Astronomy The astronomical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians turns out to be surprisingly broader than previously imagined.

This 3,500-year old star-map adorning one of the ceilings in the tomb of the great Senmut (Senenmut) near Luxor (Thebes) apparently demonstrates a previously unknown aspect of the astronomical situation in Egypt around 1,500 BC.

I do not read too much into the placement of planets in this art ...". van Gent, Dr., Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Utrecht University, - History of Astronomy Discussion Group,

hastro-l&a:scmcc.archives - (No.179, 21 January 2002) "...

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