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She’s now living with her parents, and Sam’s going back to the building to date their old neighbor. An attractive guy who resembles a young Ben Affleck, he was living until recently in a Dumbo loft with three male friends. “It was a combination of thinking she was cute and thinking she’d be good for the loft,” he says.

For not solely altruistic reasons, he threw himself into easing her transition—like helping her find a cheap bed store. We got to know each other by doing projects—we hung lights together, bought plants.

In the world of relationships, there are two big no-no’s: dating your friend’s ex and dating your roommate.

Though the first is more evil, it can only leave you friendless—while room-mating just might leave you homeless.

“It was kind of a slight when I’d say, ‘I think I want to sleep alone tonight,’ ” says Alex.

“When you take away the whole ‘I don’t want to get on the subway and go all the way over’ conversation, saying you want to sleep alone sounds a little insensitive.” But at the same time, he liked the intensity.

But the ho-hum sex was a downer, she says, and they decided to be no more than friends.

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It wasn’t until around Christmas time that my roommate went very out of his way to make life easier on me when my car broke down.

“She was everything I wanted in a roommate,” he recalls. Thinking about what the house could become with Justine and I running the show was exciting to me.” One night, he went out to an Amsterdam Avenue bar with Justine and some friends.

They felt a mutual chemistry, and they split a cab home: “The night was unbelievably romantic and perfect.

I tried to ignore it, but the more we hung out together, and the more he casually touched my hand or lower back, the more I couldn’t stop from thinking about him.

We have cuddled on the couch a couple times, and sometimes he gives me random hugs.

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