Dating without drana

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A year later, I started dating someone new, and after a few dates, I told him I was only dating him and had cut everyone else off.I told him I knew dating one person at a time before becoming exclusive wasn't common, but it's what I wanted from him eventually.Perhaps less understandable is the psychopathic part of the crisis-prone profile.

Crisis-prone individuals don’t just like to live in a state of high alert, they seem to relish being called upon to fix all those problems that are causing the crisis.

Specifically, according to a chapter in an edited academic book on crisis intervention, psychologists Gina Fusco and Arthur Freeman (2007) believe that people who become crisis-prone patients are in the so-called “Cluster B” of personality disorders, a designation meaning that they represent some combination of borderline, histrionic, psychopathic, and narcissistic trait designations.

The crisis-prone person, Fusco and Freeman propose, finds that “waking in the morning and having to cope with life’s daily events is fraught with potential crises and the resulting angst.”The Cluster B personality disorders represent people who seek if not revel in drama, become worked up over small problems, and tend to see themselves as the center of their all-too-frenetic universes.

Perhaps you know someone who constantly feels that the bottom is about to fall out of life.

(Perhaps you're this type yourself.) Running from one emergency to another, these individuals carry out virtually all everyday tasks with a sense of high drama.

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