Dating the talk

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I’m trying to be better about not letting my anxiety silence me, but it takes me a while to find my words in person, but for me, this was a deal breaker. Obviously, I’ve heard it all: My friends say that I’m better off, that there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent him from having feelings for this person and that he is a total jerk.Now that I’ve set clear boundaries by telling him I wasn’t interested in seeing someone who was having another relationship, I’m left by myself without his company.

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His subpar communication skills are someone else’s problem now.

That was no accident — he purposely withheld the truth from you. Don’t beat yourself up because it took you longer than you anticipated.

You still got there and held your ground about how you want to be treated. The next time you start feeling a connection with someone, don’t be afraid to speak your truth upfront.

I want to be clear: Just because you chose to have sex before having this conversation doesn’t mean you don’t deserve honesty and respect.

As you said, your subtle approach was met with vague answers.

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