Dating the enemy video dating the testament of solomon

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Sharpness is quite poor, although grain levels remain low during the transfer.

There is an omnipresent level of background grain, but it never really becomes obtrusive.

Jump to a year later, and things are not as rosy as they should be, and following a particularly nasty argument, Brett and Tash break up.

Fate has other things in mind however, as the next time the two wake up, it is to find they have swapped bodies - Tash is inhabiting Brett's buff exterior, and Brett finds himself to be not quite as masculine as he once was.

The darker scenes generally show enough information to make out the action, but more subtle detail is invisible. Colours are quite good for the most part, with the bright colours of the set on which Brett works showing up very nicely.

There are a few occasions, predominantly in brightly lit conditions, where the colours become slightly washed out, but these are rare and not distracting.

Still, with an amusing premise, good performances from two very good looking leads, and the patriotic feeling that goes along with watching local product, there are many worse ways to spend an hour and a half.

By day Nick seems determined to destroy her company, but by night his sizzling kisses show so much more. Audio sync is generally good, although there are a few occasions where the audio becomes subtly out of sync.By far the worst of the sync problems is from , where it is quite obvious that the sync is not right.Presented at 1.33:1 (not 16x9 enhanced) and featuring Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo audio, this video is of a slightly higher quality than the main feature, and goes a long way to proving why OMC never had another hit after They are both, unsurprisingly, of a fairly low quality.They do, however, feature an Australian-accented voice-over which is not all that common, even for Australian movies.

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