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One 28-year-old repeatedly posted the same comment on my pic: “Hell yeah!

”After a week on Match, I was contacted by a guy who made a joke that I was hardly playing “fair” by using the pic.

While the Nets lost that evening, my picture had ended up on the Jumbotron and Fox News, and my selfie with R2-D2 was retweeted by Barclays.

“Trust me,” my date said, in the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Whenever I matched on Tinder, suddenly it was always, “I love , including men who are cool who also happen to like normal things like hiking and sports, and who are men you would actually want to sleep with.

Exchanged among us were texts that read, “Back from date, dude was creepy, you’re not getting your commission.” In moments of despair came simple texts of encouragement.

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Sometimes, wearing many hats can be a huge burden especially when you’re in the public eye, but Tony Stark takes it all in stride.

It was clear from his profile that he had a sense of humor, wasn’t a droid, and had just the right amount of subversive nerd qualities I find sexy. (We’ll call him Cute Banker.) By Cute Banker’s third text, he asked me out for drinks. There was a match of wits and chemistry and a perhaps inappropriate but incredibly fun impromptu make-out session.

I can tell you after my brief turn on dating apps that there is nothing sadder than prolific texters who seem to long only for a pen pal. A few great dates later, I sent my friend from the PTA the obligatory text: “You’re getting your commission.”Back at the bar again, I asked the Sisterhood if I looked any different—more relaxed, perhaps; happier? Was this because of the shirt or what the shirt brought out in me? As for Cute Banker, well, the force is still strong with that one.

Show off your pride for Iron Man with these nifty Iron Man t-shirts featuring Tony in his element—whether that’s shooting bad guys out in the field or inventing more ways for Stark Industries to make more money.

How refreshing to do business with a company where customer satisfaction is their #1 Priority!

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