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Sit with your gal at a bout and let her talk you through what’s happening.

You’ll get some great insight into the game that you won’t get from reading the rules.

Once you’ve watched a few bouts, you’ll get the general hang of it, and before you know it, you’ll be schooling the newbies sitting next you in the stands.

Depending on your skill set and time constraints, there are many different things you can do to earn your very own derby name (and spend some more time with your girl while you’re at it): Let’s get real here.

If she’s on a typical roller derby schedule, she’ll be practicing about 2x per week (sometimes more) evenings and/or weekends, bouting about once a month during the season plus occasional away games, and working out when she’s not skating.

There are also the committee meetings, team meetings, league meetings, fundraisers and after parties. If you’re at home, waiting for her to be free and getting miffed that she’s too busy or tired to hang out every night, you’re going to be miffed a lot.

Your girl might find herself in the middle of one of these disagreements from time to time, especially if she’s involved in the higher-level management of the league.

She may even bring some of this tension home with her and will probably need somewhere to vent.

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