Dating straight talk

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Not only single, but perpetually disappointed, pissed off, and ultimately, hopeless. Here’s my real-life example: I ended up working past midnight last night, and my husband didn’t complain. As I slept in this morning, he cleaned the cat box and emptied the dishwasher. (The cat box earns him extra credit for sure.) When he ran off to do errands, he didn’t kiss me good-bye. He didn’t call me on his way home to ask if I wanted him to pick anything up. It usually goes something like “he showed up on time, but his shirt was really wrinkled. In a relationship when things tip too much to the negative we complain, withhold, sulk, or in extreme cases, leave. And they are giving men points for some really silly stuff.So here’s what I want you to think about: Are your plusses and minuses based on the stuff that genuinely determines whether a man can make you happy?Below are some great ministries that offer encouraging content.Enjoy the inspiration and Biblical challenge from these ministry partners!Are you giving men points for fancy, surface-y, bullshit-y actions and taking points away for insignificant acts?Could it be possible that you mistake men’s intentions or misunderstand some of their actions?She starts kissing her and they move to her room and continue kissing.

They start kissing each other and Cherie licks Athenas wet pussy.You can click here to listen or right-click to download the file.When you’re done I’d love you to leave me a comment here. Did you find areas where you can be more accepting and things you can add to your list of realistic expectations?I know it’s not because these women are catty, or spoiled, or malicious. Because with these false expectations in the way, women are missing REAL gifts that so many men are out there waiting to give.It’s because they don’t understand the words, deeds, and intentions of Grownup Men. And they are giving men points for some really silly stuff.

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