Dating startup guy

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About 6 years ago I had changed the business model of the screen printing shop so that I was just a middleman broker, and I got rid of my own shop and just focused on sales and marketing.

And don’t get me wrong, I totally love the startup world, but I could have just focused on growing the screen printing business, and I’d probably have more money today if I had. And then I read “4 Hour Work Week” and I fell for the “dropshipping is so easy” nonsense in that book and started creating muses selling all sorts of dumb stuff on the side. They are Sirens drawing me to crash my ship into an island of distractions and low revenue.11 years ago I started a screen printing business, and I grew it over the years from a basement to a real shop.It’s also supported by the likes of Pay Pal founders Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, is …one of the most exciting starts we’ve ever seen,” IVP’s Somesh Dash said in a statement. At 14, when most of us were worrying about what the first year of high school would bring us, Dubugras was more concerned about what his next business attempt would be.

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