Dating shy nerdy guys

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You take your introverted guy to a party, but maybe don’t stay for five hours.

When you’re an extrovert, dating an introvert takes work.

My guy is a great host and chef and he likes to have people over, but he doesn’t want to do it all the time, and definitely not numerous nights in a row.

If we have a big night with friends over, the next night he wants it to be just us (and probably the next several after that, as well).

We’d have casual sex, hang out, yet not have the commitments of a relationship. If he’s incorporating you into non-sexual activities where you don’t even have sex at the end of it, he’s getting attached. You both text or talk to each other on the phone just to say hi or talk about your day.

Sometimes in my relationship, our elements are not always the same.

However, when I was younger and wanted to party, it was really hard to cope with.

Thankfully, we managed to find some common ground and now we’ve met in the middle. I’m not sure where the stigma comes from, but people think being introverted means there’s something wrong.

However, as friends with benefits, you’re having frequent sex which makes things complicated. I know, I know, you thought you’d be able to get through a friends with benefits relationship without emotions and you did. Friends with benefits isn’t usually leaning on the friend’s side.

Women aren’t the only ones who are emotional beings, men are emotional as well. However, you think that maybe your friends with benefits partner isn’t so emotionally unattached. If anything, it’s a term people use when two people kinda know each other and want to have sex.

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