Dating show affection

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Deep, intimate kissing in public is not common, though.Spanish men and women greet each other with kisses all around (including man to man).This northern/southern division in Europe when it comes to physical contact is even reflected in the language; there are plenty of areas across the continent where physical contact isn’t indicative of being in a relationship.The French verb ) sounds more a little more abrupt and business-like.While the age of consent is just 13, sex scenes are common on television, mainstream papers contain adult-oriented adverts, lesbians and gay men can marry, and the population seems very liberal.

People kiss acquaintances when they meet them in the street and you even shake hand with the plumber when he comes to fix your leaky pipe: the French are definitely touchy-feely.

Famously very liberal, Dutch immigration authorities showed potential immigrants a video of gay men kissing in a park in preparation for the Dutch civic integration exam.

When you meet in Germany, relatives and good friends may kiss each other on the cheek when they meet. Social kissing is gaining in popularity though, to the alarm of the Knigge Society, a social etiquette group.

To many outsiders, Europe can seem quite liberal when it comes to couples kissing and caressing in public places; that is, European couples seem to be flirting all the time, without everyone calling out for the couple to get a room.

But even in places like France, where people are generally very demonstrative publicly, the intimate kissing and caressing that may be acceptable in Paris is not always going to be tolerated in more rural areas.

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