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Instead, she always waits for the other person to make the first move.

Over time, this interpersonal script becomes a pattern.

They can also be outdated (which we'll discuss in a moment), as cultures change. For example, when Julie is with a sexual partner, she might act according to the cultural script: she might, for example, act coy or hesitate to have sex, even though she wants to.

This specific moment in which Julie acts this way is an interpersonal script between Julie and her partner. 'Interpersonal' means 'between people,' so this is a script between Julie and her partner.

But when it comes to sex, Julie doesn't always go after what she wants.

Sometimes, she pulls back when she wants to get closer. There are many reasons why Julie might be hesitant when it comes to sex.

To help her figure out if that's the reason, let's look at the key ideas in sexual script theory, as well as the development of scripts. As part of the play, Julie was given a script, which was just the play written down.

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Sometimes, these interpersonal scripts begin repeating themselves in relationships.

For example, Julie might get into a pattern with her partner, where Julie never initiates sex.

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