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Rollei also used the name Rolleiflex for several ranges of medium-format SLR and 35mm SLR cameras from the late 1960s to the 90s, one SLR for 126 film, and one digital camera.

However, the name is most closely associated with the TLR cameras.

One of the early Rolleiflex innovations was the speed winder whereby a single turn of the winder handle advanced the film and cocked the shutter.

This seemingly simple innovation, which required quite complex gearing, transformed the camera especially compared to plate cameras that were still commonly used by press photographers well into the fifties.

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There was also a range of less expensively specified models named Rolleicord.Pricing was gathered from sales on, ebay auctions,,, and other camera dealers. In fact, many cameras that have had professional CLA's done by folks like Fleenor or Krikor, can demand much more on ebay ( in part because these CLA/repair fees can run $ 300-400 ). Similar to Leica values - the exact condition of the camera - will determine final price. Because there are many ways in which Rolleiflex cameras are categorized, this list may differ slightly to other lists. With its simple construction and high quality optics, the TLR was a widely used professional camera, but the late fifties introduction of much more versatile SLR cameras in 35mm (Nikon) and 6x6 (Hasselblad) formats spelled the end.Rollei did later introduce SLR cameras but never regained their market position.

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