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It is hoped that these suggestions, and the results presented from WS71 and WS86, prompt renewed interest in research into long barrows in the SWHS and beyond.

These monuments are key to understanding the later monumental landscape, yet their morphology and chronology remain quite poorly understood in comparison to, for example, the henge monuments. Except where otherwise noted, content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY) Unported licence, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided that attribution to the author(s), the title of the work, the Internet Archaeology journal and the relevant URL/DOI are given.

Another option is to store the results of the prior command in a variable and then pipeline that into .

Steps vary by device, but you must enter your Yahoo ID and password as well as the Cal DAV URL associated with your account.

But if I try to have it import the contacts or the calendar, it says I have the wrong account info or it fails.

It is only necessary if the command prior to the pipeline will be running a cmdlet that leverages remoting.

Long barrows in the SWHS are preferentially selected for inclusion in round barrow cemeteries in comparison to long barrows in the SPTA.

Remarkably, no long barrow within view of Stonehenge has been fully ploughed out, and none are overlain by prehistoric field systems.

The English Gothic novel, moreover, has attracted renewed attention from modern critics, who have argued its im ...

More securely, causewayed enclosures and long barrows can be considered to articulate different aspects of Early Neolithic activity in the landscape, but collectively may illuminate routes through the landscape, perhaps relating to livestock management.

Rather than focusing on static studies of visual relations between monuments, future work should consider the interrelations between long barrows and other Early Neolithic monuments in terms of movement, as well as considering finer grained questions of seasonality and vegetation, and how views, activities and movement around these monuments may have changed through the yearly cycle.

(2000) suggests that inter-monumental views were also important, and the cluster of long barrows around the head of the dry valley between Wilsford and Normanton Downs may suggest an early significance to this area.

We have suggested that the Wilsford Shaft may have formed part of this early landscape focus, given various considerations of its dating and sequence, although in the light of the limitations of the evidence this must remain a very tenuous suggestion.

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