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In the 2000s, her work increased in quantity, with numerous volumes such as “The Jewel Box”, “ Love for Love and Atoms of Delight”, “The Faber Book of Twentieth Century Scottish Poetry”, and “Scottish Literature in the Twentieth Century”.She also continued to work on her collections, releasing “Men and Beasts, with photographer Rebecca Marr”, and “The Lightning Tree”.In the mid to late-1990s, she worked on “The Ringing Rock” and “St Kilda Waulking Song, artist’s book with Will Maclean”.She also contributed to the Morning Star publishing “Homage to the Carmina Gadelica”.Eventually she returned to Scotland, and began her writing career in the 1970s.One of her first releases was the poetry collection book entitled “Trio”, published by New Rivers Press in 1971.When you speak, the rest of the World is silent to me.When we hang up, I stare at your name on my phone and I smile.

Later on, she would have residencies with the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, a psychiatric hospital and several district libraries.Four years later she worked on “Poetry Introduction 3” which was published by Faber, and later in the decade released “Each Bright Eye” which can be found at the Scottish Poetry Library.In 1984, she released “Bed of Stone” and followed it up with “Leopardi: A Scottis Quair” which was released through the Edinburgh University Press three years later.In 2009, she became a writer and researcher for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University as an associate, and she also taught extensively on creative writing.Her latest project is entitled “The Cream of the Well: New and Selected Poems” which was released in 2015.

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