Dating older gentleman

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Chances are he’s got an ex he was engaged or married to, maybe even an ex who’s the mother of his kids.

It’s also possible that some of his exes with whom he was in long-term relationships are still his good friends.

He’s done the whole trial-and-error thing of his youth and has experimented a lot.

Your parents have more in common with him than you do. He might not be one of those older guys who like to club-hop in jeans that look like they belong to his son.

She loves Oscar Wilde, organic beauty products and Italian food.

You never know when you’ll find love – it often comes from the most surprising places.

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Also remember that older men will have the same dilemma with any references you make – they may make them feel old and distant from you.

Maybe, but there are definitely some obstacles to dating a much older man. He knows what he wants and doesn’t want from life and might be stuck on those ideas.

When the age gap between you and your partner is enough to raise eyebrows, be prepared to deal with these drawbacks: He’s achieved different relationship milestones. You, on the other hand, might still be in that phase of wanting to try new things instead of knowing exactly who you are. Some people might not get why you’re with someone much older.

This means that these women might be a part of his life — and therefore yours, too.

You expect emotional maturity but don’t always get it.

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