Dating old wood nails ships

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To hew the log, a broadax was used to create a level, squared surface.After two sides were completed, the log was turned 180 and the process was repeated until all 4 sides were level and square.Using an ax, the felled tree was marked, or scored, every 1-2 feet.These scores went deep into the wood but the goal was to keep them either at or just shy of the marked guideline.They are without a doubt one of the most prized wood products on the reclaimed lumber market today.See our Timbers & Beams page for detailed information on our product offerings, or continue reading below about the traditional process involved in creating these masterpieces of our agrarian heritage.Hand hewing your own lumber can be a cost saving pathway, versus buying or employing a sawmill, for many landowners, especially if they only need a few large timbers.

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The process of hewing timbers for timber frame construction has been used in Europe since the 12th century.It was completed entirely by hand, and many hours of manual labor went into the creation of any one timber.The men who created hand hewn beams were both artists and brawny beasts of labor. Trees had to be felled, de-limbed, transported to the building site, scored, and squared.Score marks are what give hand hewn timbers their signature look and staggered texture.After scoring, the bark and wood between the scoring marks was chipped out for the entire length of the beam.

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