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These variations in punctuation were common and probably reflected the whim of the mold engraver, thus having little or no importance (i.e. Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory.

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Been digging and finding a lot of duraglass on the top. (Information courtesy of Phil Perry, engineer with that company.) This process - and the embossed notation of it ( in script) on the base of many Owens-Illinois products - began in 1940 and continued up until at least the mid-1950s, though the process is still in use today without the notation (Toulouse 1971; Miller & Morin 2004; Phil Perry, O-I engineer pers. (See the machine-made bottle dating page Question #11 for more information on the dating of this bottle.)" The above was borrowed from Bill Lindsey's invaluable site.(Please see my webpage on numbers on the bottom of bottles).THOUSANDS of bottles carry only a number on the base (or heel), and this information (in most cases) does not help ID the source or age………….nearly all glass factories used mold numbers on their containers at one time or another. Guetig, Conrad Selle, Tod Von Mechow, Don Dzuro, Johnnie W. Paquette, Bill Lindsey, Carol Serr, Mark Newton, and Lee Brewer, as well as many others.Hopefully this database will be of some help to those who are attempting to assign an approximate date range to a particular bottle, assuming it carries an identifiable glass manufacturer’s mark. Co.” Also, the abbreviation “Co” (Company) sometimes may be found embossed with either an upper- or lower-case “O” on various bottles made by the same a glass manufacturer’s mark and so may not be listed here. Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base.

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