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Many collectors are attracted to the world of bottles due to the clues they hold about the past.There are also avid collectors who can turn a sizeable profit on the selling or auctioning of their collection.It is embossed PHILLIPS' MILK OF (trade mark) MAGNESIA.Below magnesia there is a word that is peened out of the mold.It looks like it lists the original patent date for milk of magnesia. Do you know what the peened out embossing on the one I posted originally read?Mine is a totally different mold since it does say Milk of Magnesia. From what I can tell Phillips cod liver oil was made by the same company and competed with Scotts emulsion.hello gh, this is a great post for people to post there milk of magnesia bottles, your bottle is the oldest ive seen, my bottles read pat aug 21 1906, your bottle is from 1906? I have tried to find the oldest examples that were made. One clear bottle and one light blue bottle, both about 7 inches tall:"CH Phillips New York patented April 29 and July 22 1873".

There are a number of characteristics used to date a bottle.While they may not have been recognized as professional bottle collectors, the preservation of the bottles has allowed collectors of today to see a legitimate piece of history right in front of their eyes.Collectors also put a lot of physical effort into expanding their collection.I think it originally read REGISTERED but is peened out pretty well.Anyone found any Phillips that seem older than this one? Phillips invented milk of magnesia in 1873 Phillips started selling it in 1880 The Phillips company was incorporated in 1885 They were aquired by Sterling Drug in 1923 Phillips' Milk of Magnesia was bottled up until 1976 A 100 year product run is pretty amazing... I am probably the only person to be interested in these common bottles.

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