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Men like short and to the point dating profiles, just like ESPN football summaries! You write a list of everything your ideal man needs to be and everything you are.Of course, you have a list but that’s not meant to be on your dating profile!According to statistics collated by online doctor, Dr. Like, apparently an American man is more likely to pick up the bill than a European – but both cultures have the same dating no nos.77% of women would prefer to have a first date at a coffee shop or cafe 77% of men would rather spend a first date at a restaurant Europeans are more likely than Americans to split the check Europeans and Americans agree that discussing an ex is the least acceptable first date topic – worse than even religion or politics, apparently.Save it for the time when you genuinely start thinking about a guy, your dating profile is not even the first step! Being Pretentious Showing off and telling about yourself are two very obviously noticeable differences anyone could tell.Like we women don’t like men who show off and are pretentious about their so-called happening life, men too hate pretentious bitches!

So, there you have some fountains of dating wisdom to take with you, whether you’re dating an American or a European.Okay, that’s very vague too but you must do some research before just spitting out your resume on your online dating profile!Revealing some of the worst online dating profile mistakes most women are probably making and some of them are instant deal killers! Writing more than needed Most profiles on say a story that nobody is interested in reading past the first line.For example, “I’m adventurous” doesn’t tell me anything, however by writing “I’m taking flying lessons” you’ve got my attention.To stand out in the online crowd you need a profile that is unique and compelling.

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