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Matrimonial sites have been around for a while, haven’t they?Well, millennials hardly relate to these old-style matrimony sites, where grooms — most likely their parents — are still looking for a “ bride based on complexion, height etc.”The online dating game, on the other hand, is as colourful as real-life dating.Matchmaking through a medium actually goes way, way back to 1685, when the first ‘personal’ newspaper ad seeking a match for marriage was published.The medium was print, a far cry from today’s online matchmaking platforms, which are real-time, AI-powered, and can be accessed at a click, but the aim was the same — to find the perfect partner, soulmate, someone to share one’s life with. It dates as far back as 1965, with the launch of Operation Match, the first computer dating service, in the US.In this digital day and age, smartphones and apps are taking over our lives.Name it and there’s an app for it — you want food, Swiggy it; you want your dry cleaned clothes picked up, Dunzo it; you want a car ride, Ola/Uber ride; you want a hookup/love/matrimony get on one of the dozens of dating apps and hope that you meet someone you’re attracted to and both of you fall in love. Well, until now, people were trying luck on dating platforms and hoping to come across someone they like, who is also looking for marriage.Realising AI’s potential in this domain, dating apps and online matchmaking platforms are increasingly using AI and ML to enable those looking to get married find the perfect match.On Truematch, each user is asked to fill in information about his/her profession, likes, dislikes, and other personality traits, along with his/her photograph.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become the soothsayers of the modern-day, they predict the movie you should see next on Netflix, the direction you should take, the hotel you should book, so it is no surprise that AI and ML algorithms are using their predictive skills and matching people seeking marriage basis their own behaviour on the matchmaking platforms.

There’s a dating app for all kinds of preferences — same sex, opposite gender, location-specific, hate-based, and more.

But there’s a catch — dating apps are more of a scouting ground for hookups and casual relationships.

Being bootstrapped in the face of well-funded startups like Tinder, Truly Madly, Aisle, in the online dating sector, the startup could not do well in terms of sustenance, but what it did do well was learn the pulse of the market.

Truematch then imbibed that learning to come back with a Professional Matrimony platform where users can use their professional profile to find matches based on their profession, for marriage.

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