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He was a second-year medical student and I was working as a medical records clerk. She was someone I wanted to start a family with and someone who I saw being the mother of my future children.

Natalie: We were both Christians and grew up in the Midwest, so it was the "logical next step." Maxine: I was very much head-over-heels in love with her. Krysta: Honestly, it was more of a "next step" in life.

Maxine: Depends on the person and how serious I am about them.

I told one woman upfront the first time we started texting, but she’d been married before too.

Compared to my dating record, I thought saying yes to a future physician was the best I could do.

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It’s nearly impossible to explain to someone that the person you were married to for seven years is strictly a friend, but our friendships means a lot to me and I’m not willing to give that up.

Krysta: There were a lot of signs before our wedding that I ignored.

I felt as if I had to go through with the wedding—my parents paid all this money to create me my perfect Pinterest board, fantasy wedding.

Which means that jumping back into the dating pool, post-marriage, is a reality for lots of women. Maxine: I married someone I was in a long-distance relationship with, and we had known each other for almost a year when we got married.

That sounds scary and like probably the last thing you wanna do after going through the ~big D~, and so to ease some of your fears, three women who were married and divorced before turning 30 gave the full breakdown on dating after divorce. She was someone I dated in college while she was in the Marine Corps.

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