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They’re not real big on rules in Argentina and that includes visa rules.It will probably cost you a lot to enter for the first time because this is one of those countries (like Brazil and Bolivia) that has a retaliatory visa fee policy.If something happens and they overstay their visa, it’s not the end of the world.“Argentina is one of the most lax countries for visas,” Cathy says.Getting a business visa requires a letter from an employer, a specified time period, and the employer’s acceptance of financial responsibility for the traveler.

“I pay 0 a month for my duplex apartment in Palermo Hollywood, a great neighborhood, and it’s a doorman building with a pool.Getting to your money electronically is almost like a hobby here though: many banks limit ATM withdrawals to around 0, so you end up hopping from one bank to another or using a service like Xoom to take out larger amounts of pesos.Hold onto your home country Paypal account because the banks here are too unstable to work with that service locally; the best bet is to get a debit card you can use to pull money from in Argentina using your original country account.The best plan is to rent a short-term apartment or stay in an apart-hotel at first so you can take your time looking around.Get recommendations from others (both locals and expatriates) on which agencies are trustworthy and look at plenty of apartments to assess what’s a good value.

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