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Not so long ago a foreigner marrying a Thai woman or dating a Thai woman could have been sentenced to death by beheading under the Thai legal code.The Thai authorities at the time had the option to impose life imprisonment or degradation of status to 'elephant rearer'.When it happens, it frightens me, it's not messing around.Often it's because she wants to do something for me and feels like you know it's her duty.Surely there must have been something wrong with her.' John Hoskins is an American married to his Thai wife for over twelve years.'Even if you don't initially believe in the differences between the cultures, as you live with a Thai woman, you will find out about it.'I think a Thai woman who has been brought into the sex industry is going against her own culture but you often hear that Thai bar girls see the sex industry as a way to take care of their families even though casual sex is prohibited by Thai culture.' In proper Thai society a Thai woman who has more than one sexual partner in her life is seen as a 'bad' woman.This explains why many divorced Thai women or women from failed relationships in Thailand end up seeking foreign relationships.

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'Many Thai women see a Thai woman who isn't a virgin as a 'used' object. It's the same when a Thai man seeks a new wife or second wife and abandons his first wife.In the scene, the Thai woman is sitting with an American man on a wedding stool.The Thai woman is from a respectable background with a good education.Thailand is still very much a 'patriarchal' society.It is still common in Thailand for Thai men to expect to marry a virgin.

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