Dating love in israel

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Most non-Jewish girlfriends, fiancés and wives struggle with most of the things I’ve mentioned above.Being in a culturally mixed relationship is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating things that can happen to a woman.The first time, I couldn’t believe what I’d heard so I repeated, “Excuse me” several times just to make sure that I understood it well. Most of the time, the third question really was, “Are you Jewish?” In the beginning, I didn’t really know how to react to that but with the time (and guys), I started giving funny answers.Your sweet and cool man start to talk about you maybe hm…converting?At first he says it very quietly making you feel like it’s not even an issue – only with time you realize how BIG this issue is and that your open-minded sweetheart can’t stop talking about it. The first choice is that you can convert or the other is that you say goodbye to your handsome, intelligent and “open minded” boyfriend.It wasn’t really offended but I was sort of annoyed.

With that said, I have to admit that I was lucky enough to be in relationships with two Israelis that had amazing and chilled out mothers.

None of them cared about my religion or knitting skills.

Unfortunately, soon enough life showed me that they were rare exceptions.

Back then, I didn’t really understand how lucky I was – neither he nor his family cared that I wasn’t Jewish, and I believed that was a normal situation.

It’s not that they didn’t mind me being a Christian; they were atheist and didn’t care about religion at all.

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