Dating in the international church of christ

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What I said was indeed misunderstood, because dating and marrying outside the church is a massive stumbling block and can only bring trouble in future years.I want to go back and re-quote what I said during the Feast so you can understand the background of all this.

It is impossible to have the best of both worlds (the world and God's way).

They were a special case in the church because Corinth was a very bad city. I do not want to go into all the particulars there, but it had perversions that we probably do not see in our world in very many places. It was a trading route and a lot of shipping was going through there.

The people in Corinth were used to quite a bit of perversion, and that is what they were coming out of.

You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted by your own affections.

Now in return for the same (I speak as to children), you also be open. And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? As God has said: "I will dwell in them and walk among them.

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