Dating in japanese

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If he said "We should go see a movie this weekend", I considered that to be a plan that he has made.However, when the weekend comes and I ask "What movie are we seeing today?I finally learned that the answer 'maybe' doesn't always mean that the person is actually considering the suggestion unless someone brings up the idea again later on.Most of the time, however, what it actually indicates is that the thing is not likely to happen because it's an answer that shows minimal interest.

We watch people say "I love you" in movies all the time.", he'll have no clue what I'm talking about or even how I came to think we were going to see a movie. " Friend: "Maybe/Tabun I will." If the friend is a Japanese, she/he will most likely show up, or at least call or text you to let you know if they can't show up.I would tell him that he told me that's what we were going to do, but he'll say "I said no such thing". ', which can mean 'maybe' but sometimes it also means "probably". However, if it's he/she is a Westerner, things are quite different.A couple years later, I arbitrarily opened his email inbox and found an email that he had written around that same day that I first said it.I forget to whom it was written to, but he wrote "Mami said 'I love you' lol".

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