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My boyfriends have said they wouldn't be surprised if I said I was bi/gay – I’m not sure why as I’ve never spoken about my female fantasies with them.

It's not just been in my adult life that I've thought that I might not be straight, I remember writing in my diary about it when I was in primary school and its been an idea in my head since that time.

My current relationship is suffering from my lack of sexual interest - we are currently 'on a break'.

I need to do something and wondered if you could shed some light!

Other times, women just “know” they are gay, even before any kind of sexual experience with the same sex.

Things to ask yourself are: Who do I fantasize about?

My advice would to be avoid getting into another relationship right away and spend some time getting to know yourself.

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I think if the girl is tough enough to not allow everything to get her down and the guy supports her then it should be fine.

I'm 25 and live with my boyfriend of almost two years.

Before him I was with another guy for seven years who I lived with, before that a boy for one year and school boyfriends etc! I've kissed girls on nights out (non alcohol influenced) but as part of a game as a group etc.

relationships that last a lifetime are a lot of work but to 2 people that are that deeply in love with each other, it's well worth every effort of every day to be together forever...sayin.

I have just come out of a six month (19 year) age gap relationship.

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