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Using hypnosis to recover memories is especially dangerous.

You might find them, but there is no guarantee they are real-no matter how real they seem.

For people, who recovered abuse memories in therapy, researchers were unable to corroborate a single case.

Just because the researchers were unable to corroborate any cases of abuse when memories were recovered in therapy doesn’t mean that they were all false.

For these reasons, our memories of a particular event may change over time.

Laboratory studies have provided evidence of how someone can be influenced to believe something happened to them that didn’t.

Furthermore, people who recall memories under hypnosis are more likely to believe in the accuracy of these memories, regardless of whether they are true or not.

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And I am very happy to work with individuals who have recalled previously forgotten memories. Gerarts looked at three groups of people with childhood sexual abuse memories: 1.) those who had always remembered their abuse; 2.) those who spontaneously recovered memories outside of therapy; 3.) and those who had recovered memories during therapy.

Perhaps the place to start is addressing what we actually know about how memory works.

Up until about 20-30 years ago, many scientists believed our brains kept perfect record of what happens to us.

Researchers have been able to suggest events to people that they denied initially, but began to believe weeks later.

These experiences include getting lost in a shopping mall as a child, spilling a punch bowl on the bride at a wedding, an animal attack, medical procedure, and many others.

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