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194 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11" glossy soft-cover in full color. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper.

Fully Illustrated with photocopied images (some of the rarest guns are depicted with low quality images).

Models found in this Harrington and Richardson gun pricing download include: Model No.

4-1/2, Model 1880, The American Double-Action, The Young America Double-Action, Hunter, Trapper, Self-Loader, First Model Hand Ejector, Model 1 Double-Action Revolver, Model 2, Knife Model, Model 922 First Issue, Target Model, .22 Special, Expert, No. A./Model 195 Single-Shot Match Target Pistol, Model 504, Model 586, Model 603, Model 604, Model 622, Model 623, Model 632, Model 642, Model 649, Model 650, Model 660, Model 666, Model 676, Model 686, Model 732, Model 733, Model 900, Model 901, Model 903, Model 904, Model 905, Model 922 Second Issue, Model 923, Model 925, Model 935, Model 929, Model 929 Sidekick-New Model, Model 929 Sidekick Trapper Edition, Model 930, Model 939 Ultra Sidekick, Model 939 Premier, Model 940, Model 949, Model 949 Western, Model 950, Model 976, Model 999 Sportsman, Model 999 Engraved, Amtec 2000, Hammerless Double, Harrich No.

Model A -1986 receivers: H&R will only put the original caliber/bore barrel (as the firearm was built with) on this model year receiver.

The exception to this is that they will also install .357 Mag, ..44 Mag and Shotgun Gauge Barrels on these receivers.

See separate listing under New England Firearms (NEF). First Model Hand Ejector Model 1 Double-Action Revolver Model 2Knife Model Model 922 First Issue Target Model.22 Special Expert No. A./Model 195 Single-Shot Match Target Pistol H&R Handy-Gun (rifled barrel) Curio or Relic H&R Handy-Gun (smooth bore) NFA, Curio or Relic H&R manufactured "private-branded" or "trade-branded" H&R Handy-Guns for other distributors.

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I did notice that the serial # XXXXX a "A" in front of 57669.

The spring/plunger that held the handguard on was rusty and stuck, that's why it wouldn't pop off the way I thought it should. Shells on paper tighter groups let another one go with the short chamber..been a barn gun, a tool...

Shot great....primers backing out just a little...loose ? Learned to wingshoot with it 55 years ago, my dad also learned with it but it wasn't new then.

Hi, The Harrington and Richardson Topper shotguns were made in 12 and 20 gauge and 410 bore.

The 12 gauge has a 28" barrel and the 20 gauge and 410 have 26" barrels.

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