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It took hundreds of awful experiences and being dragged through hell and back to finally realize the difference between infatuation and love in my early 30s.Infatuation and love are both very intense emotions between a couple, and millions of people misunderstand it. Knowing the difference between them is as stunning as experiencing both.Love may feel effortless, but sacred steps of becoming better acquainted can be the bridge to something greater.Although going with the flow may feel really good, all of the excitement doesn’t mean a foundation is being built for a lasting quality conscious relationship.When one person in the relationship is infatuated, a lasting commitment by both partners is not likely. Sometimes, it takes many awful experiences before you know how love feels.I didn’t discover and experience the difference until much later in life.

On the other hand, love is feeling a strong sense of affection for someone else. There is anxiety, nervousness, urgency, intensity, you make risky decisions, and abandon things and people you value.Infatuation is not real, and it is only a short fix like drugs.Infatuation is an extreme passion, love, or admiration that is foolish. With true love, you are faithful, confident, loyal, and you are willing to make sacrifices for your partner.For quality connections, maybe its not about the destination, it’s about the .Being carefree and only invested in the moment can be a deal breaker for a love interest with a long-term relationship in mind.

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