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But inevitably, one or both of you is about to pick up and move.

The nomad lifestyle has a funny way of forcing you to make major life decisions in a shortened window of time.

”Travel often facilitates an open and friendly atmosphere, which is beautiful in many respects. Just because things are more lax on the road doesn’t mean you owe anyone immediate and unfettered trust. Am I saying that all men you’re dating abroad are probably sociopaths? If any of these questions give you pause, proceed with caution and always follow your gut.

Listen to that little voice in your head — it’s wise.

Again, you don’t owe anyone anything when dating abroad.

Your emotional wellbeing and physical safety take precedent.

Obviously this is not a complete perspective on dating abroad.

If you have experience with other sides of nomad dating, I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Thankfully, you have plenty of options whether you want to go for an IRL experience or a digital one instead.

The more I've seen, the more I've realized that travelers have a responsibility to reflect on how we impact the places we visit.If not, he obviously needs to learn more about the One final note on this subject: by no means do I want dating abroad to sound like all doom and gloom.In fact, most of the time it’s really fun, a great experience, and an excellent way to explore a new place! But it’s more than acceptable to take the measures you need to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically secure while you embark on this grand adventure. Like I said, a guy worth your time will understand and support you taking things at a pace that makes you feel safe.Let’s say you actually find someone who you like, who treats you well, and who doesn’t seem like he’s going to hurt you emotionally, physically, or psychologically. (I can’t believe this has to be celebrated, but that’s the world women currently live in.)Even if you click with someone, problems abound with a life on the road.This is the challenge most nomads run into from the start: you’re in the same location for the moment.

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