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"In recent years, in some gay circles, “bottom” has become a sneering synonym for “camp” or “femme-presenting.” Court, a 37-year-old gay guy from Denver, tells me that “bottom-shaming is definitely a thing.People feel like bottoming makes you the submissive or 'the woman,' which is ridiculous,” he says.The couple then watch the sun set over the sea before sharing a romantic meal together under the stars.

Price pops the all-important question and his delighted partner sobs with happiness. “I fully understand the need to give yourself an identity, and when the only thing we all have in common [as gay men] is sex, it’s the easiest one to lean on,” he says.“But I also think it leans too heavily into heteronormativity, because I think it can be seen in terms of the bottom being ‘the woman’ and the top being ‘the man.’ Is there no rule book for relationships that hasn’t been written by straight people?“But some gay guys out there feel so threatened in their masculinity that they don’t want anyone to perceive them as even being capable of ‘taking it.’”Court playfully defines himself as an “equal opportunity fuck,” but adds that “in a nutshell, vers would be an accurate description” for his bedroom preferences.“Personally, I think that anyone who’s going to top needs to learn to bottom, because until he’s been on the bottom, a top has no idea what he’s doing,” he argues.

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