Dating for good looking

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I don't believe they were born evil, but they learned that they could get away with some bad behavior that less charismatic people could not get away with, making them miss the second guessing about their behavior and continuing it.

An attractive guy can afford to treat you bad, as a.

That being said, the other 2 average looking guys had at one point told me something to the extend of 'I'm a nice guy but alot of girls I know don't like nice guys and end up with jerks who abuse them.' When they tell me this, it makes me feel like they are only with me because I'm the only girl who wants them. As for the good looking guy, he has told me to the extent that 'Many times when I treat a friend nice, she gets the wrong idea and thinks i'm interested and she'd try to date me'.

Or you can be with a guy who has options and gets with you for a while, then probably eventually moves on to the other women he can get. So, you can be with a guy who doesn't have as many options and treats you great, but might secretly prefer other women and just can't get them.

he'll more easily be forgiven for it because you will more likely think he's a "catch" and b.

if he ****s up then getting another girl isn't hard. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but I think most people should proceed more carefull than they usually do when in a relationship with someone attractive. A waiter and a billionaire both win a Ferrari in some lottery event.

There's an infinite number of gradations between the two.

My point is that someone who can easily replace the car will on average be at least a bit less carefull than someone who can't.

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