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Read on for ten interesting facts about the Dutch language.

It has, therefore, a significant regulatory influence on the language. While Dutch does enjoy leaving the verb at the end of the sentence occasionally, like in German, it doesn’t have the cases German does, which makes it more akin to English. Given their Germanic roots, Dutch, German, and English bear some similarities; Dutch is probably somewhere in the middle between English and German.Unfortunately, the current oldest manuscript written in Dutch turns out to be some old boring book on Salic Law from the sixth century. The people living in Flanders – the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium – speak Dutch, albeit a variant of Dutch called Flemish. So, in English you call the language Dutch, when it’s actually called Nederlands, and you call their neighbor’s language German, when it’s actually called Deutsch. Sometimes, English speakers even go completely against the tide of all languages involved by calling that group of people in the USAwhen they are actually of German background!This is reflected in Belgian policy: The official language of Flanders, and one of the three official languages in Belgium, is Dutch. That’s right, Dutch is guilty of ‘stealing’ words from all over the place, especially from French and Hebrew, as well as several other languages.

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