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Which is funny, because then I go and do a project like this and that’s probably some of the resistance that I get, but I’m kind of the same way. That sucks.’“So on one hand I’m a bit of a purist because I’m such a nerd about the history of music and a lot of the music I listen to is old music, it’s not contemporary.And then completely on the other side of things, when it really does come down to it, I don’t believe in barriers and I don’t think anything should stop anybody … It’s really obvious to me when something isn’t genuine or sincere.Her romantic black tulle gown dazzled in photos, but it was nothing compared to the thrill of wearing it.“Honestly, it is pretty hard to put into words how it feels to wear Valentino,” says Peck.He got proper classical voice training as a tenor, he says, but then “did all this holistic voice training where it was more about, like, ‘Picture the voice inside your stomach’ and this kinda thing and I basically discovered this two-octave range below what I already had that I never knew I could sing.I’ve only really been singing ‘low’ for four or five years now.”On the day we spoke, Peck had just sold out his next Toronto date, an April 13 show with Vallens at Longboat Hall.

’ ”A lasting friendship grew out of their onstage collaboration, so naturally at this year’s Tony Awards, Peck graced the red carpet in a look from the house of Valentino.

It began life as an open-membership collective, one member told The Guardian: “Being Pussy Riot is like being Batman.

is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, and You Tube personality.

“At first, I felt honored just to have the opportunity to wear a design by one of if not best designer to have ever lived.

Now that I am able to call him a dear friend, it is beyond anything I could have dreamt of.”After taking in a ceremony filled with high-octane performances, joined by partner Tommy Dunn and her “date” for the evening, Peck was inspired—and ready for next year.

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