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Formerly known as Bella & Darcy, the site now offers regular dating service reviews, event and community notices and interviews, in addition to articles on relationships and dating advice.And fresh from relaunching the new site, GDI Whilst The Dating Directory was initially set out as a blog about dating and relationships, it has now grown into an online platform that aims to connect women (and men) globally to resources, information, companies, people and events to educate them on how to find, maintain and build healthy and fulfilling relationships.We aim to do the groundwork for them and help to guide each viewer to the service that suits them best.We base our ratings on five things: While I write for several different online dating sites as a guest contributor, I am the main blogger for Australia’s latest online dating site: My Single Connections.

Our top three countries are the USA, Australia and the UK, and we have a combined social media following of over 13k, and our readership tripled within the first year of it being launched. We share all content through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google , Linked In, Twitter and will also be moving to You Tube.

Allow them to review the experience and create a community with our integrated forums.

Charge subscriptions to your customers, so you have recurring revenue and grow an empire.

Essentially my purpose for TDD was for it to be a dating and relationship version of Google or The Yellow Pages – after all, where does everyone go for guidance, or to be connected to knowledge? My site now not only features relationship and dating tips, events and reviews, but it also has inspiring interviews, showcases charities of the month, has a quick advice section (for busy people who just want a short read) and a directory listing for viewers to use as a reference for anything related to love, dating and relationships.

I also have a personal touch under “My Favourite Things”, where readers can get a feel for the real me and what I endorse.

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