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In that event, he would have been a contemporary person writing fiction.

Refer to "The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible" translated and with commentary by Martin Abegg, Jr., Peter Flint & Eugene Ulrich, dated 1999, page 484.

In the same way, the Aramaic found in the book of Daniel does not fit the era of 165 BCE.

In support of this conclusion by analogy, Naturalists believe it is okay to place the initial six chapters of the book of Daniel as being written at an earlier time than 165 BCE.

Daniel's words foretold of a Messiah that would be killed at Jerusalem before the temple and Jerusalem were destroyed in 70 CE.

Christians logically accept and believe that Jesus fulfilled these prophetic words.

Of fustian he wered a gypon Al bismotered with his habergeon, For he was late ycome from his viage, And wente for to doon his pilgrymage. This is a true statement for English as it is for Aramaic and Hebrew.

Perhaps the easiest way of understanding why Daniel was written about 530 BCE is by using the English language from another era.Naturalists use 165 BCE as the date of authorship for the book of Daniel. Below are reference web sites that successfully defend that the book of Daniel appears to have been authored in the 6th BCE.Even if we use 165 BCE as the date of authoring Daniel based on Naturalist bias, Daniel's 70-weeks prophecy contains a very accurate forth telling of the Christian faith. As you review the evidence presented at these web sites, keep in mind that we have shown that Naturalists are biased against the reality of prophecy.Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Daniel was written in 165 BCE.Would people living in 165 BCE accept Daniel as a prophet if Daniel was written at that time?

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