Dating cute guys

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I realized today that the concept of the “crazy chick” and the “nice guy” are opposite sides of the coin. On the flip side, we hear women complaining about the inability to find nice guys. At worst, guys are jerks, users, and incapable of being faithful. ”Nice guys: “We’re here, but you ignore or friend zone us.”I think some women are drawn to bad boys; buff ego-maniacs; and/or larger than life narcissists. The longer I date, the less I believe those statements.

‘It feels like no one will give you a chance.’ The Oxford University findings came from analysis of the habits of more than 150,000 straight daters over a ten-year period on dating site, Eharmony.

They prefer to go for guys they see as a safer bet.

Michael believes the issue is common due to a widespread problem among women of insecurity and poor self-image.

If a woman says she doesn’t want to date a bad boy, but continues to ONLY find shady, sketchy, insincere dudes, she might need to be more honest with herself about who she is choosing to spend her time with.

And who she is blowing off, rejecting, or friend-zoning.

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