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;) btw I'm a Croatian girl dating an American.I suggest you read this blog ( and his book ("Chasing a Croatian girl").Residents of the country are distinguished by cordiality and warmth.Even dating in Croatia will forever leave a bright trace in your heart and if you are lucky enough to marry a Croat you will be surrounded by an aura of love and kindness. In terms of love they are romantic and unpredictable.It's about this Oklahoman guy who fell in love with a girl from Split, Croatia.He explains all the differences between the two cultures in detail, so it might be useful for you. I think most of the book should be on the blog already, but don't quote me on that.Men in Croatia are distinguished by generosity, coupled with an excellent sense of humor.

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We've been out 5 times, and her cousin even came out to meet me when I picked her up for a date.

She's paying her own half much of the time, but I've managed to pay the whole tab a few times. You must first gift a sheep to her father if you want to date her. How else would she even know that you're interested? Gifting goats is considered barbaric and is a huge insult which will result in a 1000 year quarrel between her family and yours. She was the one who said it was a Croatian thing once.

She's also going through a divorce, so I think that is a factor. I bet you didn't even present her with a pearl from an oyster that you broke open with your bare hands on the annual festival devoted to the god of the seas. I figured that was hooey, but figured why not ask just in case. Someone said it well in the comments, Croatian women are the same as all other women.

Am I going to have to pursue her for ages like Italian women?

I don't know anything about dating Croatian women or if it's just her being weird. We hang out all the time and she hasn't said she wasn't interested in me and I haven't heard the "Friends" line.

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