Dating checklist

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If the love of your life became poor, stopped traveling or started eating meat, would you love them less?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience love a few times. It definitely wasn’t someone who matched my “looking for” on my Ok Stupid profile.

It’s a no-win situation perpetuated by both genders.

If a girl or a guy wants to dress a certain way, that has ZERO impact on their morality.

You know, the stuff they conveniently forgot to teach you in school.

But then I re-evaluate my standards and realize that they are all reasonable and fair.

I don’t want the wrong attention drawn to her for the wrong reasons but I want to promote her independence and ability to think for herself.

Regardless of how she chooses to dress, idiots will always be idiots and choose to judge.

If you lower your standards, you may find yourself with someone you don’t respect and someone who doesn’t make you a better person. You want to find someone who pulls you closer to God and reminds you of His love. ___________________________ Veronica Dannemiller is a Psychology major who plans to become a counselor for adolescents who need a little extra love.

She dreams of one day opening her own counseling clinic, where she can bring color to the worlds of teens and children who are stuck seeing the world in black and white.

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